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De Leon aims to help buy Caltrans-owned homes in 710 corridor; some may become affordable housing
Los Angeles City Councilman Kevin De Leon released a proposal Friday, Dec. 3, to purchase 77 vacant parcels, including homes and vacant lots, from Caltrans that have sat empty in the now defunct 710 Freeway project corridor. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Daily News. 2021-12-03
New law aims at keeping food out of the trash
Get ready to stop throwing those apple cores and egg shells in the trash, as California embarks on a statewide composting mandate. If you’re like the state’s top recycling official, the new rules will mean keeping a bucket under the sink for food waste. If you don’t have your own compost pile but have a green yard-waste bin from your hauler, that’s where it will go. There will be recycling station sorting for residents without green-bin service as the law phases in next year. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Daily News. 2021-12-03
Why Metrolink is shutting down the San Bernardino line for 2 days
A major portion of Metrolink’s 56.5-mile San Bernardino Line — the most popular line in the six-county commuter rail system — will be closed for two days this month. The tracks will be closed between the Montclair TransCenter station and the San Bernardino Downtown Station on Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 11-12, the agency announced. The track closure, which spans 23 miles, is necessary so workers can upgrade the track as part of a regularly planned maintenance program, said Scott Johnson, Metrolink spokesman. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Daily News. 2021-12-03
Redistricting: New LAUSD boundaries approved; LA City Council map must wait a bit
The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday, Dec. 1, approved redrawn lines that would shift elected representation for Los Angeles Unified School District students, while a vote on an ordinance finalizing the City Council boundaries was pushed back to next week because a technical correction needed to be made. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Daily News. 2021-12-03
MTA board approves $75 million law enforcement contract for transportation safety
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s board of directors on Thursday approved a $75.2 million contract with three law enforcement agencies to continue policing local subway lines, buses and trollies. [Article]
by , Pasadena Star News. 2021-12-03
Fight against Asian hate crimes gets help from Bystander Intervention program
A sign that read “Stop Asian Hate” was posted on a lectern in the middle of Smith Park on Friday in San Gabriel. It was a frightening reminder that hate crimes against Asians have risen in recent years. [Article]
by , Daily Breeze. 2021-12-03
Beauty products at Carson warehouse contributed to Dominguez Channel odor, watchdog agency says
Southern California’s air pollution watchdog agency has issued violation notices to Los Angeles County and four companies following a probe into a noxious smell coming from decaying organic material in the Dominguez Channel. [Article]
by , Daily Breeze. 2021-12-03
In a time when Asian elders have become targets, San Gabriel Valley youths step up, speak out
Janet Setsuda loves to walk. The 87-year-old  walks four miles several times a week in her neighborhood of downtown Pasadena. For years Setsuda walked alone. Not any more. For Asian Americans, the streets have gotten less safe in recent months. [Article]
by , Daily Breeze. 2021-12-03
How a Long Beach professor helped nab funding for homeless services across CSU system
The California State University system recently received a recurring $15 million in state funds to address student homelessness and hunger issues, partly because of a study by two professors, one of whom teaches at Cal State Long Beach. A study by professor Jennifer Maguire from Humboldt State University and professor Rashida Crutchfield from CSULB found that 11% of students in the 23-campus CSU system faced homelessness at least once over a one-year period, and more than 40% experienced food insecurity or hunger, a CSU announced on Wednesday, Dec. 1. [Article]
by , Daily Breeze. 2021-12-03
Torrance breaks ground on homeless shelter project at Civic Center
Construction on Torrance’s long-awaited and controversial homeless shelter project is finally underway, though folks actually moving in remains a ways off. The City Council in June approved a plan to create a temporary housing complex for those who are homeless by erecting tiny, pre-built structures from a Washington state company called Pallet. The shelter will be between the Police Department and the courthouse in Torrance’s Civic Center, fenced off and monitored by two security guards 24 hours a day. [Article]
by , Daily Breeze. 2021-12-03
Can Omicron overtake the Delta variant of the coronavirus?
With a handful of cases now confirmed across the country, it’s clear that the worrisome, mutated Omicron variant has secured a toehold in the United States. But whether these initial infections ultimately fade out or prove to be the beachhead for a new viral assault depends largely on how the strain stacks up against a now-familiar foe: the Delta variant. Since it officially burst onto the scene last week, much of the discussion surrounding the Omicron variant of the coronavirus has centered around what scientists admit they don’t know — whether it might spread more easily than other strains, change disease severity or more readily evade vaccine protection. Yet just as important a question, suggests John Moore, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Weill Cornell Medical College, is this: What if it’s no match for the devil we know? “Can Delta outcompete Omicron, or will Omicron thrive in the face of Delta?” Moore said Thursday at a forum sponsored by UC San Francisco. “That’s just a complete unknown at the moment.” [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2021-12-03
Planned Parenthood L.A. hack: What you can do
Soon after Supreme Court justices heard arguments about a Mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy on Wednesday — and sounded ready to restrict the right to abortion — Planned Parenthood Los Angeles announced a hacker had accessed the personal information of about 400,000 patients. Though the breach happened in October, the timing of the announcement could have been unsettling to those made vulnerable by the leak. Here is a breakdown of what happened and what you can do to protect yourself — financially and mentally. [Article]
by , Los Angeles Times. 2021-12-03
Orange County officials push for caution, testing amid omicron variant and holiday gatherings
Orange County officials are urging caution and more testing as the holidays approach and the new omicron variant of COVID-19 pops up in more states and countries, saying residents should continue wearing masks indoors, get vaccinated against the virus and be careful while traveling and gathering. Detection of the new strain in Orange County is inevitable, they said. “It’s only a matter of time for us to see a positive case here, if it’s not already here,” Orange County Deputy Health Director Dr. Regina Chinsio-Kwong said during a news conference Friday. [Article]
by , Orange County Register. 2021-12-03
With taxes going up, cannabis operators threaten ‘Weed Party’
Two and a half centuries after the Boston Tea Party, legal cannabis operators say it might be time for a California Weed Party. But rather than dump their agricultural product into the Pacific Ocean, shop owners and others are floating the idea of withholding their state tax payments. This year, that could add up to $1.3 billion. [Article]
by , Orange County Register. 2021-12-03
Local Governments Reconsider Fossil Fuel Investments Following OC Oil Spill
In Orange County cities like Irvine, along with agencies like the South Coast Water District, officials have directly and indirectly invested millions of public dollars into the fossil fuel industry hoping to boost their coffers with the returns and fund government services. [Article]
by , Voice of OC. 2021-12-03
Dream of a Grand Central Station Now Focuses on Downtown; NAVWAR Plan Less Favored  — Voice of San Diego
Regional planners are no longer certain that a Navy-owned facility in Old Town is the top choice for a new central hub for the region’s transit system.  [Article]
by , Voice of San Diego. 2021-12-03
Officials Eye the Old Central Library for Homeless Shelter, Again
The city is once again gauging whether the old Central Library could become a homeless shelter.  [Article]
by , Voice of San Diego. 2021-12-03
Education job fair offers hundreds of positions to work in schools
The ongoing shortage of substitute teachers and other school personnel has prompted San Diego County school districts to come together this weekend. [Article]
by , KPBS - San Diego. 2021-12-03
San Diego County reports 1,153 new COVID-19 cases, most since Sept. 10
San Diego County reported 1,153 new COVID-19 cases Friday, a relatively high number that public health officials believe is the result of Thanksgiving gatherings. [Article]
by , KPBS - San Diego. 2021-12-03
Guaranteed income project secures $1.4M from state, will begin in January
Two members of San Diego's statehouse delegation revealed details Friday of a $1.4 million program to support the region's first guaranteed income project. [Article]
by , KPBS - San Diego. 2021-12-03
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