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Los Angeles County adopts water conservation regulations
LOS ANGELES >> The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to limit outdoor watering and require water suppliers to closely monitor use. Supervisor Don Knabe recommended the county adopt emergency regulations set by the State Water Resources Control Board. “Eighty percent of California is suffering from extreme drought conditions with no relief in sight,” Knabe said. “As the largest employer in Los Angeles County, we maintain and operate over 5,000 buildings and facilities. We need to ensure our house is in order and not only do our part in unincorporated areas, but also set an example for the 88 cities in the county.” [Article]
by STAFF REPORT, Los Angeles Daily News. 2014-07-23
County Registrars: Overhaul Recount Process - But Carefully!
The recount in the state controller’s race may be over, but that hasn’t stopped critics of California’s recount process from calling for an overhaul. County election officials are warning state lawmakers to write new rules carefully. San Bernardino County Registrar Michael Scarpello spent last Friday staffing up. His county’s recount was scheduled to start on Monday. But it didn’t, because former Assembly Speaker John Pérez canceled his recount bid Friday afternoon. “We had about 25 poll workers lined up and ready to go. We called them back Friday afternoon and said, we’ll see you in November,” Scarpello says. [Article]
by BEN ADLER, KXJZ - Sacramento Public Radio. 2014-07-23
L.A., Silicon Valley Governments Take Action to Reduce Water Consumption
More local governments in California are taking action to cut water consumption following a directive the State Water Resources Control Board issued last week to cope with one of the worst dry spells in decades. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted on Tuesday to tighten the spigot at all county parks and government buildings. And the board overseeing the Santa Clara Valley Water District approved a 500K program to hire as many as 10 enforcement officers. [Article]
by JULIE SMALL, KQED (Public Radio SF). 2014-07-23
Rise in chlamydia, gonorrhea cases renew call for STD home test kits for women
Cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea continue to rise in Los Angeles County, prompting public health officials to steer female teenagers and women toward ordering free, in-home test kits to help prevent the disease from spreading. Launched by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health five years ago, the mail-in program was billed as the nation’s first and largest public health campaign for home test kits. But while the program was popular in its first few years, interest and knowledge about it waned over time, health officials said. Outreach to promote the kits has helped, but public health officials noted they are working to continue to get the word out. [Article]
by SUSAN ABRAM, Los Angeles Daily News. 2014-07-23
Patients with tuberculosis waitlisted at Olive View despite available beds across Los Angeles County
Tuberculosis cases have been on the rise, primarily among the homeless, but there are plenty of county hospital beds for those who need to be quarantined, health officials told the county Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. There is a waiting list of two to three patients seeking treatment at the specialized Olive View-UCLA Medical Center tuberculosis unit, said Dr. Christina Ghaly, deputy director for strategic planning for the county’s hospital system. However, all waitlisted patients are receiving care elsewhere. [Article]
by STAFF REPORT, Los Angeles Daily News. 2014-07-23
Number of tuberculosis cases in L.A. County rose slightly last year
After years of declining tuberculosis rates, Los Angeles County saw an uptick in cases last year, health officials said Tuesday. County public health director Jonathan Fielding said the number of tuberculosis cases reported annually had declined by 60% over the previous 22 years. But in 2013, the number rose slightly. There were 664 cases reported in 2013, a 7% increase from the year before. He attributed the increase partly to "intensified outreach" to identify cases in the homeless population and said he didn't anticipate a continued trend of increasing cases that could tax the resources of the county hospital system. [Article]
by ABBY SEWELL, Los Angeles Times. 2014-07-23
Colleagues Reject Moorlach's Effort to Outsource More Jobs
Orange County supervisors on Tuesday soundly rejected a proposal to amend the county charter to allow for greater outsourcing of government jobs, barely even allowing a brief public discussion of the issue. Two county supervisors seeking election this November to the state senate -- Pat Bates and the OC GOP Elected Official of the Year Janet Nguyen -- barely even uttered a word from the dais about the idea to outsource government work to the private sector, other than to quietly indicate they didn’t support the idea. [Article]
by NORBERTO SANTANA Jr., Voice of OC. 2014-07-23
Community Editorial: Location Matters On Great Park Vet Cemetary
During one's life experiences, a person develops multiple relationships ( e. g., parents, siblings, spouse, children, extended family, friends, colleagues, pets, etc.). Yet for military veterans, especially combat veterans, there is a special emotional bond, which is difficult for non-veterans to understand and appreciate. Often, when a combat veteran is asked to explain the emotional bond one has with his/her combat buddies, it is very challenging for a combat veteran to articulate in words that a non-veteran, even a non-combat veteran, can truly understand and much less appreciate. I, as a non-combat veteran, have witnessed this with my own family members who are combat veterans. [Article]
by Dr. Richard Ramirez / EDITORIAL, Voice of OC. 2014-07-23
Proposal to outsource county jobs fizzles
A plan to ask Orange County voters to consider outsourcing county jobs to private contractors fell flat Tuesday when three supervisors abstained from voting on the issue. Supervisor John Moorlach proposed managed outsourcing – as a way to lower the county’s unfunded pension liability – by reducing government workers and hiring contract employees. By doing that, the county could pay salaries and pension costs more like those in the private sector, reducing the county’s overall expenditures, he said. Moorlach noted examples of outsourcing in Los Angeles and San Diego counties. [Article]
by ERIKA I. RITCHIE, Orange County Register. 2014-07-23
Great Park squandered mlns, execs testify
IRVINE – Led by outside consultants and a powerful political figure, Irvine’s Great Park project squandered millions on a plan without a budget nor a basis in reality, according to testimony by current and former park executives. In depositions released this week from Irvine’s ongoing audit of the park, four former full-time executives said consultants protected by councilman and Great Park Chairman Larry Agran routinely overcharged for work that didn’t need to be done or had to be done over. [Article]
by KIMBERLY PIERCEALL and TONY SAAVEDRA, Orange County Register. 2014-07-23
Editorial: Hold off on e-cig regulations
The rush to place restrictions on electronic cigarettes has reached Westminster. The City Council is set to debate an ordinance tonight that will lump in the devices, which have become popular alternatives to smoking tobacco, with regulations on tobacco products. The arguments are familiar – promoting tighter regulations for this emerging industry has become a popular crusade for cities across the state. But the benefit of time hasn’t made the crusade any more tenable, and the Westminster council should reject these proposed regulations. [Article]
by EDITORIAL, Orange County Register. 2014-07-23
Who Runs San Diego? Introduction to a Series
Relationships and money trails tell us who wields the power in our community. It is hard to imagine, that in the 5th largest county in the United States, only a handful of people have any real influence on the day to day decisions that effect the lives of over 3 million people. But it’s true. And a lack of voter participation isn’t helping. [Article]
by EVA POSNER and LINDA PERINE, San Diego News Network. 2014-07-23
Imperial County Board of Supervisors renews contract for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
As parents go through Project WORK and other programs provided by the Imperial County Department of Social Services, they are given on-the-job training with the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency. The contract between Social Services and the Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program for Project WORK was renewed by the Imperial County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday as well as a contract between Social Services and San Diego State University-Imperial Valley campus for English immersion courses as well as other skills classes. [Article]
by KRISTA DALY, Imperial Valley Press. 2014-07-23
San Bernardino County supervisors OK 50K payout related to cleanup
SAN BERNARDINO >> San Bernardino County supervisors on Tuesday approved purchase orders totaling 50K to pay the insurance deductible associated with the cleanup of an old county building following a sewage spill there that caused roughly 100K in damage. The spill occurred July 7 after a sewer pipe ruptured at the former Hall of Records building, 172 W. Third St., county spokesman David Wert said. The building now houses the offices of the assessor-recorder-clerk and the auditor controller/treasurer/tax collector. [Article]
by JOE NELSON, San Bernardino County Sun. 2014-07-23
Economic optimism improving for San Bernardino County, new study says
Upland resident Mirella Lozano has hope. Despite being unemployed for five years, he’s optimistic about San Bernardino County’s job market. That’s why he’s been busy searching for work and attending workshops at the Rancho Cucamonga Employment Resource Center. It’s going to pay off -- just watch he said. [Article]
by NEIL NISPEROS, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. 2014-07-23
RIVERSIDE COUNTY: Ordinance to target open-air pot grows
A budding trend in some of Riverside County’s poorest areas worries officials who fear hard-core criminals are turning backyards into drug farms. In the past year or so, more than 200 open-air marijuana grows have popped up in the unincorporated communities of Mead Valley, Good Hope and Meadowbrook, according to county officials. The fenced-in fields dotting the rural landscape are hidden in plain sight. It’s to the point where county Supervisor Kevin Jeffries, who represents the communities, said that on a recent recruiting drive for a local residents’ council, he had to check backyards for signs of marijuana cultivation “so we weren’t inviting the drug cartel” to join. [Article]
by JEFF HORSEMAN, Riverside Press-Enterprise. 2014-07-23
Agencies coordinate campaign vs. poverty
Hoping to launch a new offensive in the ongoing war on poverty, local leaders on Tuesday pledged to better coordinate resources and work to convince families with low incomes that there's a way out of their predicaments. About 20 people from local public and nonprofit agencies, who were gathered at Cathedral City City Hall, brainstormed the ideas in anticipation of a regional meeting that Southern California Association of Governments will hold next month in Los Angeles. [Article]
by BLAKE HERZOG, Desert Sun. 2014-07-23
Homelessness among foster children on the rise in California
PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Currently in the state of California, there are more homeless foster children on the street than homeless veterans. It's a staggering statistic that's left local advocates searching for answers. The problem may only get larger with the continued immigration crisis in our state. "The foster system is broke," said Deborah Sutton-Weiss, the CEO of the Riverside County branch of Court Appointed Foster Children (CASA). Sutton-Weiss and her organization work to help seriously abused foster children get back on track and keep them from ending up on the streets. "We have more homeless children on the streets now than we have vets and that's a big deal," said Sutton-Weiss. [Article]
by GREG LEE, Palm Springs - Riverside Cty. 2014-07-23
County will not waive fee for Lions Club
The Tulare County Board of Supervisors voted today not to waive the $3,148 fees the Three Rivers Lions Club will need to pay to apply to modify the special-use permit for its rodeo arena. But the news wasn't necessarily bad for members of the public-service club, as the supervisors discussed during their weekly meeting the possibility of paying the fee with the "Good Works" money that they can donate to local charities and other organizations. [Article]
by DAVID CASTELLON, Tulare Advance-Register. 2014-07-23
Groundwater study sessions to continue for county supes
It was the county’s water experts educating the Tulare County supervisors Tuesday afternoon during a groundwater study session. From water commissioners to farmers, those who work closest with one of the county’s most precious resources, spoke to supervisors for about 90 minutes about how to best modify Tulare County ordinances related to groundwater. [Article]
by JUAN VILA, Tulare Advance-Register. 2014-07-23
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